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Top 5 SQL 2016 Features for Improved Business Performance

Bojana DobranMarch 3, 2017

Released in June 2016, the latest and the most powerful Microsoft SQL server so far has introduced a series of new business intelligence and security capabilities to support data management needs...

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Manage Complex IT Infrastructures the Easy Way – PNCP 3.1 is Here!

Bojana DobranJanuary 26, 2017

The increased complexity of IT infrastructure in modern companies has a lot to do with their constantly growing needs for storage space, advanced backup and disaster recovery solutions, as well as...

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Reevaluating the Elements of Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Plans

Bojana DobranDecember 9, 2016

Eliminating operational risks through business continuity and disaster recovery plans has been a strategic initiative for enterprises even in the mainframe era, when average volumes of corporate...

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New Features to Enhance Security and Flexibility of your Infrastructure Management Platform

Bojana DobranOctober 31, 2016

Today’s businesses require IT infrastructure that can scale with their needs and keep their data safe. Yet, the hectic lifestyle of a modern IT admin doesn’t allow for much time to be spent on...

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Why Use Disaster Recovery as a Service? DRaaS Infographic

Ivana PopovicAugust 17, 2016

Disasters commonly disrupt business operations. There are natural disasters, and then there are just disasters. Gartner predicts that through 2016 staggering eighty percent of all outages...

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How to Keep Your Webhosting Customers Happy?

Ivana PopovicAugust 11, 2016


The market of webhosting is one with fierce competition and a growing number of entrants each day. If you are a webhosting company, you might be facing the...

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