Here's Why Cloud Backup Resellers Are Going to LOVE the Latest PNCP Features


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From tape drives to the cloud, backup solutions have come a long way over the past few years.

This progress is reflected in the diversity of options that cloud has brought to the table, as well as in the rocketing demand for variety of backup requirements and solutions in businesses of different sizes. 

Now among the most sought out business services, cloud backup and recovery have formed a market estimated to hit 4.13 Billion USD by 2022, as suggested by a 2017 Markets and Markets report. For companies providing and reselling these solutions, this translates into considerable and beneficial business opportunities.

If you’re thinking of starting or expanding your cloud backup reseller business, phoenixNAP has recently introduced new features to support you in this goal. With its latest release of phoenixNAP Client Portal (PNCP), we have made it easier than ever to become a reseller of cloud backup solutions for Veeam® and take advantage of the lucrative opportunities in the market.

With a set of new functionalities, PNCP 4.0 helps you manage your Cloud Backup reselling business more easily, while helping you provide the best service for your clients.

PNCP 4.0: Spotlight on Reselling and Billing Features for Veeam Partners

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Demoed at VeeamON 2017 as an inventive solution to enhance capabilities of Veeam Resellers and MSPs, PNCP 4.0 has introduced a major innovation for service providers interested in offering Cloud Backup for Veeam as a part of their service portfolio.

With the option to easily sign up and access Veeam Reseller features, PNCP provides a comprehensive platform for managing your and your customers’ Veeam Cloud Backups. Now you can add Cloud Backup repositories, set storage allocations for your customers, run billing reports, manage pricing or account permissions, and much more!  

These options are intended to eliminate the fuss of cloud backup management for resellers and allow for a greater flexibility in service delivery. If you already are phoenixNAP’s Cloud Backup  for Veeam Reseller, simply log in to PNCP, open the Manage mega menu and choose Cloud Backup for Veeam under the Additional Cloud Services heading.

Here you will find all the available options that allow you to set and manage your clients’ backups, as well as a set of supporting features.

1. Accessing Customers’ Storage and Pricing Options

The first tab that you will see under the Cloud backup for Veeam menu item is My Storage Summary page, where you can view your own Veeam storage quota. To sign up new contacts and manage their backups, you can navigate to the My Customers’ Storage and Prices tab, where you will see all the details about your customers’ service usage.

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If you do not have any customer accounts added in PNCP, you will first need to create a new one before you can add a Cloud Backup Repository. Here you will also find options on locations, permanent and burst storage, as well as on your and your customers’ accounts.

Billing your clients

Your PNCP account also enables you to run billing reports for your own and your customers’ accounts, view specifics of your charges and track the charges for a specific account. This makes it easier to stay on track with your payment data and minimize the complexity around billing services.

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Managing account permissions

In addition to the options for managing backups, you can also easily manage your and your customers’ account and services. After adding a PNCP customer account, you will be presented with a set of options helping you control the security of each of the accounts. For each of the accounts you create, you will be able to create a primary user and set permission levels for multiple users.

The latest version of PNCP goes up and beyond simplifying your infrastructure management options. It gives you space to expand your cloud business and have a greater control over your and your customers’ backups. This way, you can dedicate more time to the tasks that bring value for your business and focus on providing the best possible experience for your customers.

Ready to try out the new feature?

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