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New Features to Enhance Security and Flexibility of your Infrastructure Management Platform


PNCP Flexibility and Security Featured.jpgToday’s businesses require IT infrastructure that can scale with their needs and keep their data safe. Yet, the hectic lifestyle of a modern IT admin doesn’t allow for much time to be spent on dysfunctional, slow or otherwise frustrating infrastructure management systems. This is why our team continuously works to enhance phoenixNAP Client Portal (PNCP) and provide better experience for busy IT professionals.

Shortly after adding enterprise class DNS to help you safely and effectively manage DNS across your organization, we have released a new version of our IT infrastructure management platform. We are still keeping focus on security and flexibility, as these two aspects are key to supporting the growingly sophisticated needs of modern business organizations. The latest PNCP version thus comes with distinctive improvements in the ways you can manage your phoenixNAP services and control your account’s security.

What’s new in PNCP 2.0?

In addition to a range of security standards and regulations phoenixNAP solutions comply with, we are looking to provide a safe environment for you to manage your virtual machines, bare metal servers or backups. This focus is reflected in the latest improvements in the phoenixNAP Client Portal (PNCP), which now includes expanded two-factor authentication options for your account.

  • Two Factor Authentication. As an additional security layer to your Client Portal, Two Factor Authentication (TFA) helps protect your account against even the most aggressive cyber-attacks. The latest version introduces TFA through Google Authenticator and Twitter Digits to offer you more options for securing your account.

Besides security improvements, we also introduced some access enhancements to give you more flexibility in managing your Veeam cloud backup services. Knowing how important it is to be able to have instant insights into your account data, we have added a new Veeam Cloud Connect Repository Management option directly to PNCP. This makes it possible to add all the necessary updates to your account without having to work with our support representatives, which can save you a great deal of time.

  • Veeam Cloud Connect Repository Management. A completely new feature in our Client Portal gives you a better control over your Veeam cloud services. Now you can manage your backups, update account settings or check available storage space directly from your account for a more effective backup management.

As a fully-featured platform, phoenixNAP Client Portal (PNCP) is designed to grant you access to advanced IT environment management functionalities and at the same time offer you data and access protection. Our latest version of PNCP takes these aspects to the next level to meet your organization’s demands for management and security. As we continue to work on new releases, our Client Portal will continue to grow more robust, powerful and transparent adding further features to help your IT operations to increase flexibility and security.

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