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Backups? Long-term Archiving? Yeah, Object Storage’s Got It Covered!

Ivana PopovicJuly 26, 2016

Anyone who has ever had to distribute massive file content has experienced first-hand that quickly finding and moving that data can be a challenge. With the rise of media files, HD videos,...

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How To Reach New Web Hosting Clients 101: Niche Markets And More

Ivana PopovicJuly 18, 2016

With the number of web hosting providers growing exponentially, users are a having more and more difficult time choosing one, and providers themselves are looking to stand out as being good in...

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Big Data Analytics and HPDA in the Cloud: Bring It On, Genome!

Ivana PopovicJuly 11, 2016

Today I felt proud. It felt truly inspiring to be an employee of phoenixNAP.

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Closer Look:  Inside a Premier Data Center Facility

Ivana PopovicJuly 5, 2016

Have you been curious where your data lives, when you leave it in our care?

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Network-as-a-Service Driving Major CapEx to OpEx Shift

Ivana PopovicJune 27, 2016

Acquiring Network Infrastructure

It’s good news all around in the CFO world! In the current economic climate, where companies hesitate to make large capital investments, the operating expense...

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The Rise of Ransomware Attacks

Robert CooleyJune 20, 2016

In the last year the industry has seen a significant rise in threats where a ransom demand is being asked to stop some form of a cyber-attack, called “ransomware”. According to IT security...

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