Top 5 SQL 2016 Features for Improved Business Performance


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Released in June 2016, the latest and the most powerful Microsoft SQL server so far has introduced a series of new business intelligence and security capabilities to support data management needs of progressive businesses. Real-time analytics, intelligent processing solutions and enhanced hybrid cloud capabilities are just some of the benefits SQL 2016 offers to mid-market businesses and enterprises handling dynamic data.  

The latest innovations coming with this release reflect Microsoft’s increased effort to offer smarter, easier and more rational database management solution. This is obvious in terms of new business intelligence features, which can greatly improve the ways data is translated into actionable insights. Combined with enhanced hybrid cloud capabilities, these features promise breakthrough performance, utilizing the power of the cloud in the most effective possible way.

Among the most notable improvements in this version, the following five emerge as those that businesses of all sizes will find incredibly helpful for supercharging their business operations.  

1. The Always Encrypted capability to enhance data protection

MS SQL 2016 addresses the growing need to enhance the protection of mission-critical data by introducing Always Encrypted capability. One of the greatest things about this database engine is the fact that it keeps data encrypted while it’s at rest and in use processing queries, allowing encryption of sensitive data inside client applications without revealing the encryption keys to the Database Engine (SQL Database or SQL Server).

This means that your company does not have to worry about having its data exposed to third parties if you are sourcing external SQL administrators. For more details on how it works, watch the video below:

2. In-database advanced analytics with R language

Whether your data resides on premise or in the cloud, MS SQL 2016 advanced analytics let you analyze it directly within the SQL Server database. Powered by R in-database analytics no longer need to move data outside of the SQL server box preventing additional security risks and making integration much easier.

This way, SQL 2016 provides reliable data analysis and makes relevant information available in real time. Knowing the average data volumes and complexity that the average company typically handles, these capabilities can translate into a significant efficiency boost for the entire organization.

3. Mobile access to analytics

With real-time data availability becoming virtually synonymous with mobile access, it is unsurprising that Microsoft focused on extending it with SQL 2016. To support the need for always-on data availability, SQL 2016 comes optimized for mobile devices, enabling professionals to access their projects and databases on the fly – both online and offline.

Combined with the advanced analytics properties introduced in this version, this capability enables easy transformation of huge chunks of data into actionable insights, enabling the access to the most up-to-date information at any point.


4. Hybrid cloud deployment

With the growing ubiquity of the cloud and its various incarnations, the need for flexible database management solutions has become critical to support business growth. This is why Microsoft has invested a lot into building SQL’s cloud capabilities, enhancing its hybrid cloud technology and enabling much easier transmission of data to the cloud, regardless of its deployment.

Such an enhanced database mobility offers a greater number of options when it comes to choosing the best environment for business data. Public, managed or hybrid cloud solutions - any setting would enable you to fully take advantage of SQL 2016 features.

5. Improvements in SSIS and SSRS

With a new set of enhancements to SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) and SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS), Microsoft has made it easier to build reporting dashboards, manage files, update data and manage packages. Some of these updates have been waited on for years and it is exciting to see how they are expanding SQL’s capabilities.

Bringing significant improvements in manageability, connectivity, usability and productivity, improvements in SSIS and SSRS ensure the greatest possible experience with managing complex projects.

How to upgrade to SQL 2016?

The process of upgrading to SQL 2016 may sound daunting already, but it is certainly a step worth considering given all the new features this release brings. If you are looking to minimize the fuss around upgrade and migration and ensure successful end results, the team at phoenixNAP is at your disposal for consultation, advice and execution.

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