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3 keys to Efficient Data Center Growth

Ivana PopovicApril 25, 2016


How can I satisfy my growing computing demands and cut the costs?

This question is asked a lot. If you want to win in the game of increased computing demands and upscaling, it’s time to switch...

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Changing Clouds

Scott ReilandNovember 3, 2015

How Dell, EMC, HP, Amazon, Google, and Microsoft are Impacting Public Cloud

Recently the information technology world witnessed some fairly dramatic changes within the cloud and virtualization...

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Announcing: Phoenix NAP Cloud Backup for Veeam Cloud Connect

Scott ReilandNovember 6, 2014

Backup Made Easy

In today's hyper-connected world, having a backup in place for your mission critical data is not just a smart business decision, it's a necessity. Until recently, it was not...

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Defining Hybrid Cloud

William BellJuly 18, 2014
The need to maximize productivity has made large scale enterprise cloud adoption the norm for many organizations. The next level of cloud adaption has been the hybrid cloud. It allows workload...
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Bare Metal Dedicated Servers vs Public Cloud: Cloud’s Story

adminJune 12, 2014

With the continued buzz about cloud, Phoenix NAP is finding that customers are having an increasingly difficult time determining which hosting model is best for their particular needs....

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Exploring How Cloud Solutions Increase Performance and Reduce Costs: How Phoenix NAP's Partnerships with VMware, Brocade, Supermicro & Nexenta are Helping Customers

William BellMay 22, 2014

Here at Phoenix NAP we are on a mission to deliver the most cost effective, customizable, high performance infrastructure solutions in the market. We have been hard at work over the last 4 years...

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