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Using Virtual Private Data Center To Grow Your Business



There’s a myth: we think that if we’re first to change, we’re first to do, and first to be.

But today’s market is so volatile that even when being an early adopter, as an IT industry player you’ve actually got to craft your own solution ahead. Businesses often deal with competition that springs up from nowhere, geared and ready to take over the field readily using new technological advancements that appear daily.

Without change there is no innovation, creativity, or incentive for improvement. Those who initiate change will have a better opportunity to manage the change that is inevitable.

William Pollard

With each new advancement, collecting, analyzing, accessing and using data around the clock is what might just give you a competitive edge, overshadowing that new market player! When it comes to data centers and cloud, what do you think will give you first-to-market qualities? Can you effectively use cloud’s advantages to become a rock star in what you do?

If yours is like most businesses, some of your main concerns regarding virtualization are security, retaining good staff, and access to capital. There are cloud solutions available that address a myriad of these concerns, one of the most popular being a Virtual Private Data Center (VPDC).

Architected as a virtualized service that gives clients the freedom to manage their virtual datacenter on their own or with the help of experts, VPDC is an agile, flexible and scalable IT infrastructure solution for managing rapidly changing business needs and competitive challenges. And with VMWare under the hood, it comes with some pretty cool add-on functions that were architected with customer needs in mind.

Hosted Virtualisation: IS IT FOR YOU? 

Here are five of the most common benefits of Virtual Private Data Centers, each of these contributes heavily to the overall value of hosted virtualization:

  • Server consolidation: It’s a perfect platform for consolidating servers. You can pool server resources to reduce hardware count by a factor of 10. VPDC is great for hosting critical applications, as flexible and rapid dev-test environments, hosting production websites, and much more. And once you have made a full migration, the nightmares of hardware upkeep and physical server sprawl are a thing of the past!
  • Lowering CapEx and Opex: Most everyone knows that a shift to hosted cloud infrastructure can provide significant CapEx savings, but a lot of people forget about the OpEx as well. A reduction in time and effort spent provisioning, troubleshooting, and migrating to new hardware every three or four years can be significant.
  • Managing yourself the health, risk, efficiency and compliance of infrastructure and applications with tools designed for the elastic cloud environment. Automated provisioning and simplified administration are there to maximize operational efficiency.
  • Security: VPDC offers a unique way to upgrade your security through migration. Access to industry leading virtual firewalls, optional encrypted storage at rest and granular user access control is just the start. Through our network of partners you can even layer on all of the necessary components to achieve a higher level of security and compliance than you ever thought possible.
  • Accelerating time to market: Rapidly deploying new applications and services, spinning up new VMs in a matter of seconds, all without investing your capital in IT infrastructure. A great real life example of what accelerated provisioning can do for you, is a real estate giant HomeSmart International, whose recent decision to shift to VPDC solution advanced their business by delivering that first-to-market capability.

Management of your VPDC is performed through a simple to use cloud computing management tool from VMware. This tool enables click-of-a button virtual machine (VM) provisioning, and complete self-service networking and security to provide a full featured software defined data center in the cloud.

In conclusion

Given all of the things you have now learned about VPDC, it should be evident that it can definitely help your businesses’ IT financial position but also assist you with maintaining the security of your environment through logical segregation from other clients and complete control over your cloud, all backed by an industry leading SLA.

What are your thoughts on using VPDCs as a way to achieve the same financial benefits as with the public cloud, but gaining control over your environment? Let us know using social buttons below.

VPDC is a scalable IT infrastructure cloud solution with logical segregation from other clients and complete control over your cloud.

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