Visual Cloud, Part 1 - The Remote Work Stations & Places


Visual Cloud Part 1 - Remote Work Stations and Places

The accelerating global demand for video delivery and complex graphical designs has been talked about a lot lately. It is only natural that things are going this way as we are very visually oriented beings.

So there is a good reason we have a saying: “seeing is believing” - being very visually biased and too often judge books by their covers is to be human.

The reason I wanted to touch on this subject is the fact that the visual part of our nature is not just used for “consumption”, but it’s a vital part of our creativity. In art as in business, creativity nourishes innovation and with innovation comes progress and growth, that's what allows us to advance as a species, and we have come quite the distance.  


Innovation relies heavily on technology, and while technology exists to improve and enrich our lives, we often forget that what lies deep behind all this enrichment is the part where the technology allows us to connect, collaborate, exchange and process information anywhere and at any time.

This enablement has made the world a “smaller” place and increased our progress exponentially in the last decade.

Business opportunities are being created every day in the light of this advancement and people consume and create content on a global scale with little regard for geographical boundaries. The world has become our workplace and our workplaces become more detached from a physical location every day - entering the abstract space of a state of mind.

All this has been made possible with support of innovative technology - and we are just getting started!

Remote Work Force

Today’s businesses employ staff across the globe regardless of the markets they serve. Regardless of having national or international customers, employing only local staff is hardly an option today. Reasons for this are quite simple: financial restrictions and benefits being number one and limited access to talent being number two, with the first often influencing the latter. If you are employing highly skilled staff then you know exactly what I’m talking about…

So like it or not, having remote workers is the new standard (I don't mean traditional offshoring) and adding 3rd party’s staff like consultants and contractors to this equation is only more of a reason to focus on remote and real time collaboration, access and security.

Access & Security

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Control of the remote, not to be confused with remote control, of your digital assets. What’s the difference you ask?

Oh, there is a huge difference!

Having business critical information and intellectual property that is being accessed and manipulated by a magnitude of local, remote and often 3rd party staff is a major risk. Access control and securing sensitive data without hindering productivity of your remote fork force allowing them to collaborate and continue creative work is a major challenge.

At the same time, demand for performance and almost unrestricted ability to work from anywhere is not making enforcing security rules any easier. Distribution of multiple copies of sensitive and business critical massive data sets becomes not just extremely challenging if you want to maintain security and protect your intellectual property, but also financially prohibitive looking at the costs of distributed high performance physical work stations and the bandwidth costs of distributing these amounts of data continuously across locations.

Investment & Scalability

From the challenges of securing remote workforce and financially responsible deployments, taking into accounts your TCO and ROI of highly depreciable and commoditized hardware, to the ability to scale up and down depending on your projects, workloads, the state of your business and markets – there are a lot of challenges that are unrelated to your core business and yet they can easily hinder your growth and make you lose focus.

Keeping your eye on the prize and going full steam ahead requires vision and some tough decisions, where letting go of old ways and holding onto hardware is one of them.

Ability to scale technology quickly without allocating major financial assets is only possible with the right partners and leveraging OPEX model and global operations only magnify this challenge. Sustaining focus on core business is key and financial agility is one of the requirements to quickly respond to business opportunities. Invest in things that matter to your business results, stay in control, scale when you need to and respond to the market and business opportunities quickly.

The Answers

The challenges are clear and many, but overcoming them is not always simple.

Globalization is an unstoppable force, no matter how hard some of current political movements are trying to obstruct this trend. Today’s business climate is great for those who recognize the playing rules of global operations and opportunities and are able to keep focus on what impacts their business outcomes and there are more distractions then ever!

It’s so easy to lose focus and stray from the path to greatness, but there are some tools at your disposal that will help maintain your course for growth and accessing them has been easier than ever. The game changes quickly so be a game changer using technology and right partnerships.

Technology & Partnerships

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Creating visual content, manipulating large graphical data sets and collaboration between highly focused and productive teams to accomplish these goals requires support of advanced and specialized technology.

Delivering powerful infrastructure platform to support tools targeting heavy graphics oriented applications, remote cloud-based work stations and virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) is the reason why phoenixNAP has deployed Intel Xeon processor E3-1500 v5 product family. Combining the performance of Intel Xeon processors with integrated Iris Pro graphics on top of our globally distributed infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) offering is essential for delivering cost-effective and scalable solutions across the globe.

Key technology and partnership features enabling your performance, scale and business:

  • Intel® Iris™ Pro Graphics P580: Integrated placing of the CPU and GPU side-by-side in the same silicon drastically improves performance while decreasing power consumption and data latency. It accelerates remote workstation workloads with up to 1.26x the graphics performance of the prior generation.
  • Intel® Graphics Virtualization Technologies (Intel® GVT): Provides built-in hardware support for graphics virtualization and provided remote users with hardware-accelerated access to Intel® Iris™ Pro graphics. It also allows for dedicating each processor to a single user or sharing them among user groups to optimize productivity.
  • Intel® Advanced Vector Extensions 2 (Intel® AVX2). Accelerates vector- and integer-based imaging, video editing, modeling, and simulation applications doubling the number of double-precision FLOPS (floating-point operations per second) per clock cycle.
  • PhoenixNAP global and secure data centers enable deployments in strategic locations. Access to edge locations with for low latency networks with additional compute and storage solutions.
  • OpEx, pay for what you use. Quick and easily scalable worldwide deployments. No upfront investments and enterprise quality hardware. Strong SLA’s and years of expertise will support all your business and technology needs with access to our auxiliary services from DRaaS to Hybrid Cloud deployments.
  • Combining the expertise of IMSCAD and phoenixNAP teams you can now leverage cutting edge remote workstation and rendering performance powered by Intel Xeon processors with on-chip Iris Pro graphics via a global cloud platform.

Does all this sound too good to be true? Well don't just take my word for it, remember we said seeing is believing? Test drive what we offer with no commitment and see it for yourself!

With our friends at Intel and IMSCAD we have a created the opportunity for you to test out everything we promised! 

Don't delay and meet the power of cloud-based work stations today!

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